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Humans of My Life – Ep5: Chat With Yaso Audio Afzani Tual

Yaso, my friend from #Toastmasters, is a trainer and confidence coach at her own company Limelight Artistry Resources. With 20 years of experience in English #communication and teaching on her hands, I look up to her as fellow public speaker and #trainer. Yaso believes all English teachers hate numbers. English teachers, show up in the comment with your thoughts! Big fan of Hugh Jackman, she talks about how Hugh inspires her. She always remembers people's names and I think that's amazing. She talks about this in this video too. Yaso told me that if I use all the pick-up lines I gave her on men, I would've been married by now. We're both weird in our own way. Together, our weirdo meter is off charts. Watch till the end to find out. Like my page on Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/notaafzanitual Follow me on Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/afzanitual Limelight Artistry Resources  https://www.facebook.com/standoutWithLimelight https://www.instagram.com/standoutWithLimelight Read my blog   https://afzani.com/ Let's collaborate!  afzanitual@gmail.com

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