Afzani Tual

Content creator
Financial consultant
Distinguished Toastmaster

Afzan has been passionate about self-help and self development since young age in school. Actively participating in school activities and taking leadership roles as a student, she now aspires to share the experience and ignite the same passion in young people. She believes in empowering people to explore their own unique identity and proceed to leverage on strengths and manage room for

Afzan is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has been a member since 2010. Her achievements in Toastmasters includes being a finalist in District 51 Humorous Speech Contest in 2010. She has also served in various roles in club and district levels. Also a financial consultant, she creates awareness in managing one’s own future through financial planning and time management. To her, it is all about setting goals and sticking to the plan; everybody can be financially-free.

Afzan believes in staying true to oneself and expressing self through speaking and writing. Her website ‘Nota Afzani Tual’ is where she speaks her mind, other than Toastmasters. In her spare time, she bakes, reads, hunts for food places, and grooms her cats.

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