Things I Look Forward To in 2021

How was your 2020? I hear many unhappy answers. But that’s how life sometimes pan out. Its just that this time, we had to it all together. So the negative energy was unbearable to many. We had no choice but to keep going. Nevertheless, we can always find something to be grateful of in 2020. And moving forward, there are more to look forward to in 2021.

And here are the top of my list:

  1. Health & awareness of my body
  2. Love & good people
  3. Social media & blog growth
  4. More writings
  5. Unit trust investment returns

Health & Awareness of My Body

2020 witnessed me breaking my personal record of being the heaviest in the history of my life. Don’t ask me the numbers. Some friends would look at me and say “You’re still okay” but I am not going to lie to myself. As much as I am into self-loving, I don’t want to be in self-denial. In loving myself and my body, it is important I take care of it and becoming more aware of the changes that I need to manage.

I look forward to becoming more aware of what I eat and how my body react to food. To a year full of nutritious food, more water intake daily and more moving my body.

Love & Good People

Welcome, love and more love to my life. Thanks to technology, despite the pandemic in 2020, I have managed to ‘meet’ and get to know new people online. Handling new projects and taking leadership roles in Toastmasters have brought me new friendships.

It is amazing how many people respond when you ask for favors on social media!

In 2021, I wish to celebrate old friendships, strengthen family ties and welcome more love into my life.

More Writings

I have always struggled with consistency to the point that I feel the need for therapy. Many times, I have struggle with keeping a regular schedule of anything and find me self-hating at the end of the day. One of my dream is to publish a book, which I have been postponing because I can’t keep the momentum in writing.

2021 needs to see me write everyday, whether it is blogging, writing the book or journaling. A short 15 minutes each is better than nothing at all.

Social Media & Blog Growth

This is one of the best thing that has resulted from the long hours staying at home. Alhamdulillah for internet, technology and electricity. In 2020, I finally bought a domain, started Tiktok and keeping up my YouTube channel. My Instagram has finally hit 3000 during this period also.

Although these did not contribute directly to my quality of life financially, these are important in my mission to spread positivity, share knowledge and speak dakwah. These are important tools to grow audience to my causes and build my business.

I look forward to more growth to my brand in 2021.

Unit Trust Investment Returns

2020 recorded the deepest plunge in Kuala Lumpur Composite Index in a decade. The pandemic has shocked every stock market in the world. We are still dealing with the aftermath and slow recovery.

The stock market plunge in March 2020

Since then, a year has passed, the stock market has not come back up to the level it was in 2019, and far from the best 2018.

Malaysia stock market at its highest point in history in 2018.

However, like all kind of things in life, part of growth is falling down. Whoever as taken the chance to buy during market was low has already reaped what the sow. But for now, it is still not too late to invest. Keep investing regularly and stick to your long term plan.

In 2021, I look forward to growing my savings, keeping investing and deepening and practicing financial knowledge. A financially-free life is possible and we are all worth it.

2020 is in the past. Let’s look forward to a brighter 2021 with a positive and optimistic mindset. What do you look forward to in 2021?

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