Learn Pyrography Art at Amari Johor Bahru

“Pyrography has been for so long, but is uncommon in Malaysia,” said Raymond Koh, the pioneer of pyrography art in Malaysia. Pyrography is the art or process of burning design or pictures on wood, leather, paper and etc. By scorching or burning with a heated tool or flame to achieve visual beauty through sepia like tones.

Raymond, an artist, interior designer and pyrographer with 30 years of experience in wood burning, is passionate about teaching his subject so many more people can enjoy pyrography.

Art at Amari

I was lucky to learn with Raymond himself in his beginner pyrography art class at Amari Johor Bahru a few weeks ago. He showed us the tools that we need, demonstrated the correct way to use those tools and guide us in completing our very own Mandala art burned onto plywood.

Because this is the basic class, we used Mandala pattern to copy on our wood. Before burning the wood directly, we took some time to make ourselves comfortable with the burner using scrap wood. We learned some techniques and tricks to burn correctly to get the lines and curves as desired.

Getting used to the tools - pyrography art at amari johor bahru with raymond koh
Getting used to the tools

After we completed, we all think our art is worse than someone else in the group. I even commented that I wrote the hashtag slanted, but our teacher, Mr Raymond Koh said “Imperfection is an art by itself.” Wow!

Art at Amari Johor Bahru with Raymond Koh
One photo with our teacher, Raymond Koh and our completed (master?)piece

Unforgettable experience, checked.
Amazing teacher, checked.
New skill learned, checked.

For only RM220, you get a 3-hour class (or more, until you complete your art piece), light refreshment and an art piece to bring home. Minimum two and maximum eight persons per session. Session is by appointment only. You will either have a fun, relaxing time or discover a new talent and learn new skill.

Find out more about #artwithamari by liking and following Pyroray Studio on Facebook. Raymond Koh’s art pieces are on display in the page. Raymond specializes in wildlife and portrait subject but he also accepts custom orders. Some of his collection are on display at Amari Johor Bahru for you to view. Currently, the theme is Chinese Opera.

For booking or enquiries or to buy his art, contact Raymond Koh 0197363600 raymondkoh530@gmail.com

More photos of Pyrography Art at Amari Johor Bahru on my Facebook

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