“Let’s get married.”

I stopped walking. I turned to look briefly at him. I could feel my cheeks turning hot. I must be flaming red. I turned away quickly, afraid he might see it.

I didn’t realize I must’ve try to run away from away from him until I heard him say “Wait for me!”

I turned to look at our friends behind us. Thank God they were all at quite a distance. I would’ve die of shame if they had heard that.

I continued walking fast. I heard his foot steps turned fast, matching my pace.

It was a weekend. We went out with our group of friends. The usual weekend night dinner outing. Ten of us. We have been friends for a couple of years. It never occurred to me that he is interested in me more than as friends. It was quite a shock for me, hearing those out of his mouth. It was out of the blue. Was it?

Or was it because one of our friends talk about getting married just now? Was it because another friend asked whether he can pass my number to his colleague? Or was it because that waiter guy who flirted briefly with me when he took our order?

We reached the end of the mall. I stopped abruptly nearing the exit. He almost bumped at me.

“Give me your phone,” I said.

He took out his phone, unlocked the screen and passed it to me. I saw that he was confuse but he didn’t say anything. I keyed in my mom’s number.

“Talk to my Mom. If she says okay, I’ll give it a chance.”

He smiled his usual smile. As he nodded in agreement, our friends reached our spot. We all said good night. We didn’t talk again until one week later.

Three months from then, our family met. Six months later, we got engaged. We’re married ten months after the incident.

Now, five years, two kids and eight cats later, every time someone asked about ‘the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me’ I would always answer with the same answer: That night when a crazy guy friend asked me to marry him.

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