Orang Kampung Air Asia Plane Livery Launching

AirAsia Berhad and Orang Kampung Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd announced a media partnership with the launch of Orang Kampung Group of Companies (OK Group) livery on AirAsia’s A320 aircraft in Malaysia.

Orang Kampung livery on Air Asia A320 aircraft, launched on 21 November 2019.

Managing Director of OK Group, Mr Habibul Ajmi said, “Following the successful commercial plane branding, OK Group saw this as the perfect opportunity to team up with the World’s Best Low Cost airline, for our corporate branding strategy for 2019 to 2021. This partnership with commercial airline is a bold step for our branding and we hope it will open new doors for OK Group in our long-term marketing and advertising strategy, in addition to broadening the local advertising outreach for our company and brand name. The objective of this collaboration is to expand our business potentials to regional market and ultimately to increase the value of OK Brand domestically”.

Video of Orang Kampung AirAsia plane livery launching.

You can also enjoy Longjack X and KF Collagen drinks from Orang Kampung in all AirAsia Malaysia flights now.

I am proud as a Malaysian that our local brand is expanding abroad. More photos of the event at our Facebook fanpage.

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