Batu Layar Beach, Kota Tinggi

A panoramic shot of the beach from the outermost dry rock that I can sit on at Batu Layar beach.

Batu Layar literally translates to ‘sail rock’ in Malay language. It is named after a formation of big slabs of rocks which can be seen prominently from the road once you reach the area. I used to go to school in Bandar Penawar, the nearest town to Desaru (a popular tourists beach spot nearby) and Batu Layar. So my family and I frequented here for outings.

We like here better than Desaru because this one is less populated and most part of the beach can be accessed for free. I swear those rocks were much, much bigger and taller 20 years ago. (Don’t count my age, thanks)

Even though the water is not as clean as it used to, due to oil pollution, we can still enjoy it and the sandy beach with big, shadowy trees is perfect for a birthday party cum picnic. Be careful if you have sensitive skin. Make sure you take a proper shower after dipping in the ocean.

For an empath like me, sands and water are best to neutralized energy and to rebalance my aura. So a chance like this is always golden. A 15-minute nap on the sand had immediately made me feel better.

The smallest one is Atan, who had shamelessly decided to join our picnic and make our food his own. But he’s a good boy.
We had to walk a few meters to reach the ‘sail rock’.

Photos at the ‘sail rock’ area

That spot with tiny people is our picnic area.
The biggest rock, which used to be much taller.
The biggest rock from different angle.
A tree on the biggest rock.
The highest I dared to reach on the biggest rock.
I made them do this and they obliged. Haha.
Here is the bravest one of them all. But she kept calling, “Are you done? Are you done? I’m dizzy.”
One shot of the girls.

Some extra information on Batu Layar Beach Kota Tinggi

The nearest town is Bandar Penawar

Bandar Penawar is located no more than 10km from here. If you exit Desaru toll gate, you would pass this town on your way. So you wouldn’t have to worry about getting extra supplies or food in case you missed anything. The town is small but equipped with malls, supermarkets, mosque, all-kind-of-star-rating hotels and even cinema.


There is a gated campsite on the beach, but I haven’t explored much on the details. Toilets cost 50 cents and bathrooms, RM1. There are stalls selling simple foods and drinks, but I doubt they’re open everyday. Occasionally, there’d be ice cream sellers on bike passing by. You can stop them for ice treats.

The beach side road leads to more beaches

If you go all the way on the road beyond Batu Layar Beach, you would reach more beaches including Punggai, Ramunia Bay and Sedili Cape. All these beaches have their own chalets and resorts.

Sedili Cape is famous for its seafood, especially lobster. I know friends who would drive all the way from Johor Bahru to here for seafood supplies, because you get it cheap buying directly from fishermen. You should check out Jade Restaurant for rare seafood treats.

I’d like to end this entry with this aesthetically-pleasing photo of a corn on cob my friend grilled. I still don’t know how to grill corn, though. Legend says if we whisper to it, it will let us know whether it’s cooked. (Please don’t take this seriously)

Where else to go and what to do in the area? Checkout Desaru Fruit Farm for ATV ride and farm tour and go for dinner at Nelayan Seafood by The Coast.

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