What Drives You

I have met nobody who jumps into a sales job with a noble intention. Most people are at their last resort. Some people are awakened by new insights into this industry. Some others are pushed by a certain financial or personal need.
No matter how you started, it is important to recognize what is your drive to keep you motivated continuously.
If you like the thrill of chasing deadlines, contributing to a team’s goal, do your work based on your to-do list and look forward to promotion, you are driven by advancement. You need your leader to set the timeline for you. You like to compete among your team members.
If you are driven by a certain lifestyle, recognition and security, you most probably only compete with your past self. You don’t need anyone to set benchmarks for you. You have a clear picture of where you want to be in life, and you work to pursue it.
This can be a toxic area to drive one towards his motivation. Power and fame are your primary goal. If you’re laser focused towards those, one would be oblivious to the negativity of unhealthy competition, oppositions that become enemies and the need to avoid embarrassment.
This is the one true area that drives people into success with a fulfilling and balanced life. You do your work to help others, to change the world to be a better place, to uncover enlightenment and to make an impact. You will be remembered as someone important in history. You success lasts long and you pave the way for more people to achieve success too.
No matter from which area you started in your journey in achieving your life goals, it is good to always remind yourself which area do our intentions reside. A life with purpose can never be wrong – the right people will come, the resources you seek appear, and you stay centered and balanced. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals.

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