Financial Freedom

“What is your definition of financial freedom?” One day, she asked me.
“When my passive income exceeds my expenses, then I am financially free.”
“No. No. What is YOUR definition of financial freedom?”
I kept quiet. Eyes straight at her. My mind was blank. I really didn’t have any answer.
“You’ve got to have YOUR own definition of financial freedom,” she continued. “You have to have a goal bigger than yourself. And your financial freedom will fuel that goal.”
“Frankly, I have never really thought of that. Can you tell me yours?”
She cleared her throat. “I am financially-free when I can comfortably spend 50% of my income for goals greater than myself.
You know me. I don’t fancy dresses, barely use handbags and I eat what I need. I don’t have much desire for things. But I set a benchmark to increase what I give to society gradually. Not only money, but my time and energy.
In another conversation, I asked, “Kak, how do you manage your income?”
“30% for the past.
30% for now.
30% for the future.”
“What does that mean?”
“30% to manage debts.
30% for me to spend.
30% to save and invest.”
‘Only 30% to spend? Oh my!’ I thought to myself.
“The other 10%?” I asked more.
“You are sharp.” She smiled. I chuckled. “10% for akhirat. That’s for causes in Allah’s name.”
She added, “I have a long way to go to reach that 50% I told you.”
Our conversations always give me something to think. Kak, you have set a very high benchmark. MasyaAllah! Now I am losing sleep, thinking about this.
May Allah grant you your dreams, kak.
Re-evaluating my financial goals.
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